Thursday, February 19, 2009

The good neighbor

I can hear my neighbors through the wall of the garage. At first I thought it a fight, but then I realize the passion is not anger but desire. I stand in my own and listen, making out some words between moans as I can tell they both hunger for each other. I wonder what it must feel like blending the cold air and the hot bodies. I am enthralled by the fact they are only inches for me, I can imagine her pressed hard against the drywall just on the other side of where I am now leaning. I wonder if they know I am here, they must have heard when I came home, the door heavily raising and lowering only seconds ago. Her voice drives me wild as she shouts instructions. I can see them in my eyes, but then I think have they heard me. If they were home how could they have missed the other night.

I wondered in they imagined me with someone though I was alone, but part of her was there. I replayed the old phone message she left me one day, sharing her moments of bliss per my request. I listened to her description of what she wanted me to do and imagine her fingers and toys being me, as my own hand became hers in my mind, then her mouth and then her soft lively folds. I remember it drove me to be verbal, the phone filling my ears and my voice filling the room. Did they hear me scream your name as I exploded on the bed, each breath loudly exiting my mouth as I tensed until your final words, I always wait for the good bye at the end. That phone message has been my treasure and every 21 days I push 9 to save again.

But back in the garage I hear the neighbors excitement come to a head, faster and faster breath give way to one long sigh then a knock, bang and silence. I stand there and hear her, softer but still clearly say "Someone should clean the cum off my leg". Funny I was thinking the same thing.


Anonymous said...

I liked this...Sometimes on vacation (like in big cities) I like to leave the curtains open and think about a lonely business man in another high rise getting off by watching us together. Knowing a single man is in the next room listening and getting off on it is arousing. I hope my mother never finds this blog!! lol

Rae said...

Ok, I know this might be weird, but I'm a little jealous. My voyeur (or is it auralistic) side has always wanted to hear people having sex through a wall!

I love the ending, had me laughing even with that bit of horn-ballness mixed in. :-)

Obscurely Diverse said...

Ha-ha! Yeah, it sounds like you've got some good neighbors. If anything, it could make for cheap entertainment when you're having a dull day and decide to give the porn a rest. Who knows, maybe she'll come over one day and y'all can be making all the noise from your side of the wall. ;)

Oh, I liked the ending, as well. But, you know, she can clean up her own mess. Imbecilic Repellent

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